Season 4 Week 7 Challenges: A Complete Guide On How To Complete Them

by David Coulsen

Season 4 is in full swing now, with plenty of new additions to the game. With every week comes a brand new set of challenges to complete. Here is a guide on how to complete the week 7 challenges:

Search Chests at Catty Corner

Catty Corner is located towards the south ease part of the map just below Retail Row. Search 7 chests at the location to complete the challenge.

Eliminations at Craggy Cliffs

Craggy Cliffe is located at the northern point of the map and is a large seaside resort. Secure 3 eliminations here to complete the challenge and earn that 25,000xp.

Enter The Vault In Doom’s Domain

Doom’s Domain has replaced Pleasant Park in Season 4. In the center of the POI is a secret base where the soccer pitch has opened it. Inside is a Vault containing lots of chests for great loot. To access it players need to eliminate Doctor Doom and grab the Keycard. Doctor Doom can either be found in his fortress at the northern part of the POI, or he also sometimes hangs about next to the Vault.

Destroy Cobwebs At The Authority

The Authority has been abandoned in Season 4, leaving cobwebs to form around the location. Players need to destroy 3 of them to complete the challenge. They can be found in doorways or on the walls, but the easiest place to find them is where the old Vault is, there are plenty of them there to destroy.

Discover Tony Stark’s Hidden Lake House Laboratory

Stark Industries was added to the map in the 14.10 update and is the location where the Iron Man boss roams. Further north is a large lake with some cabins dotted around. On the east side of the lake is a large cabin. Hidden underneath it is Tony Stark’s hidden laboratory, either break the floor of the cabin or enter through the side to complete the challenge. 

Drive A Car From Sweaty Sands To Misty Meadows In Less Than 4 Minutes

To complete this challenge players need to drive from Sweaty Sands to Misty Meadows in under 4 minutes without getting out of the car. While that sounds daunting it is actually easy to do. Before hand you’ll want to make sure your chosen vehicle has a full tank of gas, either filling using the gas pumps or gas cans. Then when you enter the car the challenge will begin. If you’re struggling, check out the map below for the optimal route, it should take around 2 minutes to complete.

Deal Damage After Knocking An Opponent Back With Storm’s Whirlwind Blast

This final challenge can be done with up to 4 players in a squad, to make it easier. Storm’s Whirlwind Blast can be found in the drones flying above the Stark Industries planes that land on the map at the start of a match. Once you have the Mythic weapon, you need to deal damage players after hitting them with the Whirlwind Blast. Once you, or your team, have dealt 1000 damage this challenge is complete.

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