Hogman Announces He’s Quitting Competitive Fortnite

by David Coulsen

When it comes to competitive Fortnite, Luminosity’s Hogman is an OF of the scene. First making his name during the Summer Skirmish, Hogman went on have a really impressive competitive career, including reaching the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS Grand Finals. 

During the first Season 4 FNCS Qualifier, Hogman decided to step away from competitive Fortnite and leave his trio, which also consists of Lanjok and The Uzi. Taking to Twitter Hogman explained his decision saying,

“I’m formally announcing that I’m stepping away from Fortnite Competitive to focus on creating really fun and entertaining content. @FortniteGame has changed my life for the better and I’m excited for a new journey. Hope to see y’all in the streams.”

The good news is, Hogman isn’t quitting Fortnite, instead just focusing more on content creation and streaming, rather than the grind of scrims and tournaments. Fortnite has always been a topic of debate when it comes to being a competitive game. Mainly players feel the game doesn’t have longevity as an Esports title, and has seen many high profile competitive players, such as Tfue, Symfunny, Nick Mercs, and Aydan, being among the former pro players who have stepped away from Fortnite completely. While some pro players, such as Hogman’s LG team mate, Fresh, focusing more on content creation than competitive, although Fresh is still an active competitive player. 

With Fortnite only benefiting the top few players in a tournament when it comes to prize pool, unless you’re placing high on the leaderboard consistently, it may be beneficial for many players to focus on building their brand long term, which it seems like this is the route Hogman is now focusing on. 

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