Who Won Fortnite Season 4 FNCS Week 1?

by David Coulsen

Fortnite Trios FNCS is back with the top 33 teams in each region battling it out to qualify for the Grand Finals later this month. Here is a breakdown of the results. 


In Oceania, Asia, and the Middle East only the top 8 teams will advance to the Grand Finals, as opposed to the top 15 in Europe, Brazil and both North American regions. Taking the top spot right out of the gate is Renegade’s Jynx, Serenity’s Alecc, and Power’s Worthy with a total of 256 points and 4 Victory Royale’s from the 12 matches played. 74 total eliminations helped secure a sizeable lead over 2nd place, who had 205 points. Lachlan’s recently formed Team Power had an impressive outing, with 3 of its members qualifying in week 1. Many notable OCE players, such as the X2 Twins, Fresh, and Repulse, failed to qualify for the Grand Finals in week 1.

Asia PC

In Asia the team of Qjac, WildHawk, and Naetor took top spot with 223 points with 1 Victory Royale. They again had a sizeable lead over 2nd place due to the huge 86 eliminations secured by the trio.

Middle East PC

The Middle East region was a much closer fight for the top spot, with just 7 points separating the first place team of zZz, Mev, and Nyle, who scored 209 points from 2 wins. Modisk, Kai, and ABUFAL7 came 2nd despite have 21 more eliminations, but missed out due to less placement points.


The most competitive region in Fortnite, Europe, was just that, with many teams just a handful of points away from each other. In the end it was KeziixZ, 4zr, and Nayte who took top spot with 182 points from 1 win. Flikk, Anas, and Th0masHD took 2nd, while the legendary team of Mongraal, Mitr0, and Tayson took 7th with a huge 3 Victory Royale’s. 

The team of BenjyFishy, MrSavage and Letshe missed out by 1 place, coming in 16th. Hopefully they will have more luck next time because an EU FNCS wouldn’t be the same without the World Cup Duo finalist in it.

Brazil PC

The Brazil region set many new records this week. K1ng, who took home $900,000 from the Fortnite World Cup at the age of 13, blew the entire region away. K1ng’s team finished with a record setting 420 points, winning 11/12 matches and securing a massive 133 eliminations and walking away with an average placement of 1.63. K1ng’s trio setting the record for each of these, putting on the most dominating trio performance ever in competitive Fortnite.

NA-East PC

NA-East was as fierce as expected, with many of the top names in the region qualifying on week 1. The team of, World Cup Solo champion, Bugha, Jamper, and Avery looked set to take the top spot after holding it for the majority of the tournament, only to be bested by Kremon, Bucke, and Khanada in the final game. Slackes, Acorn, and Jahq took third, while the mega team of Clix, illest, and Bizzle took 4th. XSET’s trio of Knight, Shark, and AV took 7th, which is rare to see an entire trio consist of members of the same organisation. NRG had an impressive outing with Clix, Unknown, and Ronaldo all qualifying in week 1.

NA-West PC

It would have been shocking if the top spot was anything different. Once again Arkhram dominated the NA-West region with his trio consisting of fellow 100 Theives member Rehx, and NRG’s EpikWhale. Arkhram has consistently dominated the region for many months and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

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