Fortnite’s ‚Device‘ Event Takes A Wet Turn And Turns The Storm Into A Giant Water Wall!

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Forget the floor is lava, Fortnite’s „The Device“ event has brought players „the storm is water.“ Readers beware, this article contains spoilers for the event. You can watch a replay here:

Players who were lucky enough to view the event in-game experienced an attempt to push back the storm, teleportation, explosions, and a new water wall storm. This event is likely the most viewed as well, with over 9 million viewers tuning in on Twitch and YouTube alone. Epic Games also capped the in-game viewers at 12 million, for a total of 21 million viewers combined.

After reaching capacity over 30 minutes before the event, the wait was finally over. As players settled around The Agency, the underwater capsules opened, and strange electrical devices emerged. As the device attacked to storm, the bad weather moved in reverse, opening instead of closing. But then something went wrong.

The device failed, and The Agency imploded, leaving only a pile of rubble behind. The players were then teleported inside of an office, where they overheard a panicked team trying to fix the problems:

„Uh, no. E- everything is NOT stable over here. We are act– (to Janice) Uh, Janice! Janice! Uh, dial the Resonance Actuator to 7.2. Now. Please. yes, right now. (to phone) Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on. ‚It’s not just a storm?‘ What does that mean? Must be connected to the loop, but there’s no way we could have predicted that it would react THIS way. At this– And that worked? How long do you think it will hold? Good, good. Everything is uh, starting to stabilize here. Nothing seems to be…“

However, Jonesy is surprised to see you and tries to talk to you before you teleport away.

“ …What the…? How are you even– Wait, wait, wait, wait. Can you- can you HEAR me?“

Before you can answer, you teleport back into the map. The storm has become a giant water wall, and you can swim in it. You’ll still take damage, but the current will push you into the circle.

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