What Might Fortnite’s Season 3 Look Like?

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As the end of Chapter 2 Season 2 approaches, the usually interesting speculation has begun around what the next season will look like and include. Players have been searching every corner of the map for any clues or hints they can find, as well as analyzing the information we have about the Doomsday event. A lot of the rumors and leaks have pointed towards a flood covering the map in water.

This theory would have enormous implications for how Season 3 will play compared to previous seasons. However, players are worried a water covered map will impact fundamental mechanics, such as building, in a negative way. It is currently challenging to build while in water. The movement could also be an issue. However, leaks have indicated a new ‘Shark vehicle’ will be added to aid players movement around the map. This new way of getting around is thought to be a pilotable version of the cosmetic ‘Lazer chomp.’ Both are discussed in SypherPK’s video on the subject.

The addition of a flare gun is also thought to be on its way with season 3. The concept is first shown in Epic Games’ official animated short “Desert Island Flare,” where it is wielded by ‘Jonesy’ and fired towards the battle bus. Whether it will be able to damage other opponents, perhaps like the old grenade launcher, or be used as a utility item is unknown. Players have speculated it could be an entirely new mechanic altogether, for example, a ‘one-use’ item, which calls a supply drop to your location.

These leaks will only scratch the surface of what is to come in season 3, but it already looks like it could be a unique season. The implications of a water-based map on competitive play are plentiful and could shake up the meta drastically, requiring top players to adapt quickly if they want to remain on top. It is unlikely Epic Games would introduce map changes that could profoundly impact a mechanic as fundamental as building. However, we have seen in previous seasons they have no problems tweaking building settings, such as turbo build. Anything is possible in a new season.

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