Epic Games Hints At Possible Fortnite Season 3 Theme With Teaser Images

by David Coulsen

After the end of the Season 2 live event last night, which saw the Agency get destroyed and the storm turn into water, fans thought that was it until the end of the season on Wednesday. Usually, Fortnite starts releasing teasers in the 3 or 4 days before the end of the season, but with the event taking place less than 48 hours before the end of the season, players didn’t expect any teasers.

A few hours after the event, Epic sent an email to creators, who have their own Support-A-Creator code, with two new teaser images for Season 3. The first two images show a trident, which hints further at a water theme for Season 3.

Trident Teaser | Fortnite Season 3

This hint has also fuelled the already existing rumors that Aquaman will be the secret skin for this season. In Chapter 2 Season 2, we saw the first cross over Battle Pass skin in the form of Deadpool. Throughout the season, as it became apparent that the theme would be water, it was speculated that Aquaman would be the next secret skin.  Players on Twitter then overlayed a promo image for the Aquaman film and the trident teaser image, and they lined up nearly perfect, further adding fuel to the fire.

The next teasers show a possible astronaut skin. The skin is wearing a white suit and carrying, what looks like, some rock that has craters on it. Chapter 1 Season 3 was also a space theme, so this could be a throwback to Chapter 1.

Space Teaser | Fortnite Season 3

The final teaser images are of a new POI. It looks like it is a wooden base of some kind. It has a pirate vibe to it and almost a throwback to Season 8. There is a large pipe that could either be to drain water or carry some energy, such as what we can see at Steamy Stacks. There is also a washed-up boat as well as either floodlights or race lights. This hinted area could replace The Rig as the washed-up ship is also seen at The Rig, and the whole potential pirate vibe would make sense since The Rig is out in the middle of the water.

Wooden Base Teaser | Fortnite Season 3

With one day left until the new season, Epic will likely release even more teasers and trailers, which might give us more transparent hints at what is coming in Season 3.

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