Lachlan Builds Team PWR And Signs Professional Fortnite Players From OCE

by David Coulsen

With over 12 million subscribers on YouTube, Australian mega-star Lachlan has created his Fortnite professional team called Team PWR (Power). Lachlan, real name Lachlan Power, announced he is creating the team to showcase the best talent in the Oceania region, which „gets slept on a lot due to its small player count.“

In a YouTube video announcing the start-up of the new team, Lachlan revealed the first roster. These include RepulseGod, who duo’d with Fresh in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. Looter, who is currently part of Fresh’s Trio in the upcoming Fortnite FNCS Trios tournament. Worthy, who began his professional career after the Luxe Cup in Season 8, continued to compete on a professional level. Radius, who has been grinding Fortnite since the game launched and has featured heavily on Lachlan’s channel in the past. Finally is Chanzes, who is also Lachlan’s brother, and is a professional Fortnite player.

During the video, Lachlan stated that „A lot of what we’re going to do differently, is focusing on building out each player’s individual brand. Whether that be their YouTube channel, focusing on content creation.“

The video concludes with Lachlan stating that for the Fortnite World Cup 2021, he wants to get as many of his players qualified to compete in North America. The first World Cup event was famously won by Bugha, who took home $3 million in prize money.

Team PWR’s first roster is stacked, with some of the best talents that OCE has to offer. Notable names in the region who are missing include Jynx & Rel, who are both currently signed to RNG, Fresh who recently signed to Luminosity, and the X2 Twins who both appear to be free agents with no interest in signing to an organization. If PWR becomes a strong team in the region, some of these players may sign in the future.

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