3 Things Fortnite Players Want With Season 3’s Release

by David Coulsen

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 is right around the corner; the new season will begin on Wednesday 17th June. As with the start of any new season, we can expect a lot of changes to be made. Season 2 saw the introduction of the Ghost vs. Shadow storyline and five new POI’s, The Agency, The Rig, The Shark, The Grotto, and The Yacht, all occupied by one of them the five new bosses and Deadpool. But here are three things that players want to see in Fortnite Season 3.

Aim Assist Nerfed

Over the past few months, the aim assist for controller on PC has been a hot topic for many players, especially the competitive community. Aim assist on PC is much stronger than its console counterparts, making it easier for players to hit AR shots or spray opponents using an SMG. There have also been many clips that have circulated online of the aim assist tracking players, without the need to move the control sticks. In the 12.61 creator updates, Epic announced there would be „more controller adjustments incoming.“ Currently, those changes haven’t been made, so we can expect to see them being implemented at the start of Season 3.

Mythic Weapons Vaulted

In Season 2, five new POI’s were added to the game, as mentioned earlier. At each of the five, POI’s resides a ‚boss‘ character; Midas, Skye, Brutus, TnTina, Deadpool, or Meowscles. Each boss carries a Mythic rarity item, Drum Gun, Boom Bow, Minigun, Dual Pistols, Assault Rifle/Grappler & Heavy Assault Rifle. There is only one of each on the map, so the players that collect one or more of these have a massive advantage for the rest of the match. Because of this, many players want to see them vaulted at the end of the season as it gives an unfair advantage to players. There is a risk vs. reward factor to take into consideration, but any player carrying these will likely earn that Victory Royale. So for fairness and competitive integrity, the Mythic items should be vaulted at the start of Season 3.

Tilted Towers Return

In Fortnite Chapter 1, the place to land was Tilted Towers, if you wanted a high action game. The POI has become somewhat of a legend for those that did not get to experience the location for themselves. Since the start of Chapter 2, Tilted Towers has been missing from the map, instead replaced by Lazy Lake, which has become the new ’sweat‘ spot in the game. While Lazy Lake is a fine POI, it is no Tilted Towers. Scores were settled at Tilted, and legends were made.

Pros and content creators since as Nick Merc, Aydan, Ninja, Tfue & more made their names by getting high kill wins at Tilted Towers. In recent weeks, players have been recreating Tilted Towers as a Zone Wars map in Creative, showing there is still a considerable demand for the POI. Recently the No Sweat Insurance building from Tilted Towers has appeared in Lazy Lake, creating the rumor that Tilted Towers may eventually take the place of Lazy Lake. Whether this happens at the start of Season 3 remains to be seen, but it is perhaps at the top of most people’s wishlist.

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