Tfue Calls Fortnite The Worst Game And Rages

by Aashir Ahmed

Fortnite is among the most grossing battle royale games ever played. The new season for Fortnite is scheduled to be released next week. Tfue had a few words to describe the game, as players and streamers were waiting for it to be released. The Fortnite community isn’t jovial over the current state of the game, especially after the next season being postponed for another month.

Fortnite | Image via Epic Games

Amongst the critics was Tfue, one more time being explicit in sharing his feelings towards Fortnite. Fortnite has played a significant part in Tfue’s impressive career on Twitch; however, he has reduced streaming Fortnite and is now seen playing Call of Duty: Warzone more often.

What Happened?

During one of his recent streams, Tfue was quickly eliminated by a drum-gun equipped controller player. He was disappointed by Fortnite’s current competitive scenario. After being killed by a ‚controller player‘ with a drum gun, Tfue began to get frustrated. He immediately abused and misled Fortnite before grumbling about why the game that was once the best has now deteriorated in quality.

„Fortnite was the best game ever in its prime, and it’s literally the worst game ever made, now. Like I have seen games turn bad, but I have never seen a game turn complete total sh*t.“

Ever since the release of Fortnite, the war over aim assist has existed, and with Tournament cross-play – it has only gotten worse. Aim assist has made Fortnite atrocious for mouse and keyboard players. Tfue, among other streamers used to tweet earlier about the same issue. It seems that the credibility of Epic Games has fallen a little over the years as the developers repeatedly fail to achieve balance so that neither platforms believe that the game is unfair.

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