Overtime Gaming Releases SerpentAU For Cheating

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Overtime Gaming has dropped Australian Fortnite player ‚SerpentAU‘ after being exposed for using ‚macros‘ to edit. Many people considered SerpentAU to be one of the fastest editors in Fortnite, so people began to question his legitimacy and if he used Macros. A Macro is a keybind you set up outside of Fornite, which executes a particular set of commands in order after a single key has been pressed. This advantage was used by SerpentAU to achieve edits incredibly quickly with near 100% success successfully.

A Youtuber by the name EJLad released the first video accusing Serpent of using macros and an aimbot to hit his countless flick shots.

The video prompted SerpentAU to release a response video, where he mainly focused on the aimbot accusations. He showed clips of him hitting flick shots with a camera on his keyboard and mouse, which seemingly put these claims to rest. However, his explanation did very little to dispel the macro accusations. His defense was much weaker as he only showed shaky phone footage of him editing the same cone repeatedly. Many players – including pros – pointed out that this was not good enough.

Very shortly after, the organization SerpentAU was signed to, tweeted a statement commenting. „After further investigation within the last 12 hours, we have definite reasoning to believe SerpentAU has committed an act of dishonesty through the use of Macros – to our staff, friends, and community.“ This investigation led to Serpent being dropped, which can be seen in their full statement below:
Image via Overtime Gaming

SerpentAU is still yet to comment on any of his social media in regards to the situation; however, it is expected a video apologizing is bound to be released soon.

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