The Top 3 Best Fortnite Skins (And The Top 3 Worst)

by David Coulsen

Since Fortnite was released back in 2017, over 700 skins have been released in the game, including collaborations with some of the biggest names in entertainment such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Travis Scott. Here are some of the best and worst skins Fortnite has ever released.

The Top 3 Best Fortnite Skins

3. Raven

First is Raven, who was released way back in Season 3, and was one of the first skins to have a truly unique design and not just be a reskin of a Default. With its dark suit and glowing purple eyes, it looks fantastic and really set the trend for the high detailed legendary skins that we see today, such as Deadeye and Leviathan.
Raven Fortnite

2. Cuddle Team Leader

While there are other, perhaps better designed, ‚meme‘ skins, the Cuddle Team Leader was really the first of its kind. Cuddle Team Leader embodies what Fortnite is. Although most people take the game far too seriously, Fortnite is about a colorful bear riding on a rocket while dabbing on their opponents. The game is bright, full of color, and doesn’t take itself seriously, and the Team Leader series of skins is a perfect example of why Fortnite has such great skins.
Cuddle Team Leader Fortnite

1. Soccer Skins

The Soccer Skins became the first ’sweat‘ skins during the early months of Fortnite. Usually, player’s would see a Soccer Skin frequenting places such as Tilted Towers, and if low-skilled player’s encountered another player with this particular skin, they were most likely to be sent back to lobby. With subsequent re-releases, players have become less feared by players as more players purchase them to be like their favorite creators. The Soccer Skin also became popular due to its ‚clean‘ look. It is minimalistic, with nothing cluttering the screen, and this became a trend for popular skins used by competitive players such as Aura, Dynamo & Crystal. The Soccer Skin is one of the most iconic skins in the game, and despite losing popularity, it is still an essential piece of Fortnite history, especially in competition.
Soccer Fortnite

The Top 3 Worst Fortnite Skins

3. Lt. Evergreen/Wooly Warrior

The Lt. Evergreen and Wooly Warrior were free during Xmas 2019, which is why it’s one of the less significant skins. The concept for the skins is decent and fits in with the Xmas theme, but they aren’t good skins overall. Both skins limit the player’s view when aiming due to the big heads, which is why many players prefer ‚clean‘ skins such as Soccer Skins. They have also become the default skin of 2020, and player’s rarely encounter a decent player with this skin nowadays.
Lt. Evergreen FortniteWooly Warrior Fortnite

2. Peely Bone

Way back in Season 8, Peely was released as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass and quickly became a favorite among the younger players, as well as being a meme skin. Like Cuddle Team Leader, Peely embodies what Fortnite is. Seeing a squad of 4 bananas running around with weapons is nothing short of hilarious. The Peely skin also took the same route as the Team Leader skins with numerous variations, including the Agent Peely, in the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass. Unfortunately, not all varieties are good; in fact, Peely Bone is outright terrible. Released on Halloween 2019, the concept of Peely Bone makes sense, with the skin being half Peely and half Peely’s skeleton. But the result is awful, if not slightly terrifying.  The skin doesn’t look good to look at, but in the lobby and in the game and apart from collectors who are aiming for a complete skin set, there isn’t any reason to own this.
Peely Bone Fortnite

1. Demogorgon/Big Mouth/The Devourer

Lastly, the monstrous, out-of this world, hideous, and questioning skins. The alien-like, big-mouthed skins are some of the worst designs Epic Games has ever added to the game. They don’t fit with the design and concept of the game and they overall look ugly. Most player’s can’t think of a single good thing to say about these skins. They are just downright dreadful.
Demogorgon FortniteBig Mouth Fortnite

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