Shroud Wants Fortnite To Separate Mouse & Keyboard And Controller Players In Competitive Games

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Michael „shroud“ Grzesiek is one of the most influential voices in Fortnite, and he has some suggestions for Epic Games to improve the player experience. One of the unique features of Fortnite is its cross-platform play. Gamers on PC can play with their console friends despite being on different platforms.

In its early days, all the top Fortnite players were from PC. The platform provided greater control for battle royale players who could easily eliminate console players. Epic Games‘ efforts to create a level playing field has now tilted the scales in the opposite direction.

The ‚aim assist‘ feature in Fortnite locks on the console players‘ crosshairs once they are close enough to the enemy hitbox. This feature gives a significant advantage to console players with a section of the community, even comparing aim assist to hacking. Popular streamer, Shroud is the latest community figure to speak up against cross-platform play for tournaments.



Shroud says it is not fair for players competing for money. The idea of competition is to ensure fair play and a levelled playing ground. There are advantages to both console players (via aim assist) and PC players. It is not possible to ensure fair play and competitive integrity with players from PC and console in a tournament. It’s straightforward what the issue with aim assist is. Every single player that is competing for money has the right to complain. They’re totally in the right to be mad.

Fortnite World Cup 2019 winner, Kyle „Bugha“ Giersdorf, recently called aim assist hacking. When another player eliminated him in two clean shots, Bugha’s frustration over the aim assist feature was visible to his fans.

„No keyboard and mouse player hits that shit. I just died, man. He doesn’t even mean to lock on to me either. It’s just hacking bro. It’s actually just hacking.“


Epic Games‘ focus while developing Fortnite has been mass appeal and inclusiveness. So while fans can hope for Epic games to separate the PC and console platforms, it is highly unlikely to happen in casual games. However, with competitive tournaments featuring massive prize pools, there is a chance that Epic games might heed the community feedback to separate the two platforms in online tournaments.

Shroud talking about Fortnite Aim Assist Problems

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