Fortnite Doomsday Event Details Revealed!

by Aashir Ahmed

Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 2, is scheduled to conclude on June 17, 2020. On June 3, Epic Games pushed it back to focus on the current protests across America. It won’t be a fitting end of a Fortnite Season without an event. After yet another delay in the launch of Season 3, Epic even delayed the event. Epic Games is preparing for another significant Fortnite event to mark the end of Chapter 2, Season 2. Officially named „The Device,“ the forthcoming event, popularly referred to as the Doomsday live event. It is still really a mystery, at least from what is known officially.

When Is The Doomsday Event?

The Doomsday Live event will take place on June 15. Precise start time was not shared; the previous date was scheduled at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET, although this new extension moves the occurrence from a weekend to a weekday, and it is not known if this timing would be changed. The new season will commence only two days later. Epic Games advises that you arrive 30 minutes before 2 PM, to queue up for the event.

What Is The Doomsday Live Event?

The „Doomsday Device“ that Fortnite data miners have been trying to discuss for the previous few days is at the heart of this event, with some supposition that the huge orb-shaped device with pipes running all across Midas‘ office is The Device. Here’s a timeline of all the stuff that happened so far:

Midas started working on a tool used by the Gilded Scepter to control a strong device concealed in his Agent Office. Hatches across the Department began to illuminate with the strength of the storm. Soon, the device started to boot up when more cables could be seen from the Battle Royale Lobby. A few days later, there were several clouds started circling above The Agency.

Doomsday Disaster Imminent?

Several Data miners have worked tediously to scour the game files for any further information regarding the event, and they have been successful – to a certain extent. A few days ago, Dutch Playstation account updated the Fortnite logo to the following image.

Hours after this image amassed vast social media attraction, data miners reached their sources for extra bits of information. One data miner, by the name Merl, managed to recreate a version of the upcoming map.

A recent theory had been surfacing on the Internet regarding the possibility of Season 3 maps being flooded. These images have made it more eminent that the Fortnite community could be receiving such an update. A final piece of evidence to support this theory comes from FortTory, another Fortnite Data miner. Although this animation is similar to the one used in Travis Scott Concert held a couple of months back, it has been updated and could be used in Season 3. If an underwater map is introduced, it could bring drastic changes to the meta and will be interesting to how it plays out competitively.

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