Loserfruit Fortnite Skin Delayed?!

by David Coulsen

In 2020, Ninja became the first Fortnite player to get their skin, which is understandable because he is the face of Fortnite. When his skin was announced, it was also revealed that Loserfruit would be receiving her own skin. No release date was given for the skin, but it was leaked on May 30th, and players got the first glimpse at how the skin would look.

The skin would be released as part of the icon series, which has also seen skins and emotes from top names such as Ninja, rappers Travis Scott and Drake, Marshmello, and more. It’s rumoured that the skin would be released in the June 3rd Item Shop, but on June 3rd Loserfruit confirmed its release had been delayed due to the current protests for Black Lives Matter. 

During a stream, Loserfruit explained the decision:

„Me and Epic decided that it wasn’t the right time to release the skin this week. I think you guys know from leaks, I didn’t ever acknowledge the leaks, that it was meant to come out on the 3rd. So we decided to wait“ 

While there has been no date given, it’s expected the skin should release in the next week or two. There are currently ten days until Chapter 2 Season 3 begins, so it will likely be at some point before then. In recent days, many companies have delayed events to give room for the protests to get attention and not have it taken away because of gaming events. Activision and Epic delayed the release of the next seasons for Modern Warfare and Fortnite. EA and Steam also delayed their upcoming live presentation events. Many other companies showed their support, including Rockstar, shutting servers for a time, 2K releasing #BlackLivesMatter cosmetics for NBA 2K20 players, and Minecraft giving away all earnings on June 19th to the causes.

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