How to Complete Deadpool Week 4 Challenges in Fortnite?

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Fortnite players have a chance to get Deadpool’s back bling by completing Week 4 challenges.

Over the past few weeks, Epic Games has given Fortnite players an opportunity to earn Deadpool-themed sprays and cosmetics. Completion of Week 4 challenges will allow players to get Deadpool’s back bling.

How To Complete Deadpool Week 4 Challenges?

Fortnite Deadpool Week 4 includes the following two challenges:

  • Find Deadpool’s two katanas.
  • Deal 10,000 damage to opponents’ structures.

How to Find Deadpool’s Katanas?

Fortnite players have to find two of Deadpool’s katanas to complete the first challenge. The two katanas are easily visible in the headquarters itself, at different locations.

The first katana can be found in the upgraded vault. The vault is located on the top right corner in the HQ screen. Once inside, Fortnite players can see the katana to the left of TNTina.

The second katana is easier to spot as it is visible in Deadpool’s lair, just above his computer.

Players need to click on each katana to collect it. The challenge is relatively simple and should not take more than a few minutes to complete. Of course, Fortnite players need to have already completed Week 3 challenges to be able to see and participate in the Week 4 Challenges.

After collecting the two katanas, Fortnite players still need to complete the second part of the Weekly challenges. The second part of the challenge can only be completed inside a game, and players need to deal 10,000 damage to opponents’ structures.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has introduced several new features, including new POIs, new cosmetics and new factions. Season 2 introduced two new factions, namely the Ghost and the Shadow factions which will determine a player’s journey later in the season.

Epic Games has collaborated with Marvel to introduce weekly Deadpool challenges in the game. At the end of the Deadpool challenges, Fortnite players can get Deadpool skin. However, Weeks 1 and 2 have only awarded Deadpool-themed sprays to Fontite players with Week 3 giving out back bling.

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