Four Fortnite players banned for Cheating at FNCS

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Epic Games has banned the top two duos in the NA East region of the Fortnite Championship Series over allegations of teaming in the Finals.

Teaming is a bannable offence in the Fortnite Championship Series and Epic Games was quick to punish the players for gaming the system.

Which Players Did Epic Games Ban?

The Fortnite developer banned Nate ‘Kreo’ Kou, Logan ‘Bucke’ Eschenburg, ‘Keys’, and ‘Slackes’ for colluding against other players during the finals of Week 1 of the FNCS Duos tournament on March 22.

Twitter user DROXIDE posted a video of the players from the two teams tagging each other to save themselves from the surge. Epic Games has banned the players for 60 days, which means they are ineligible for Week 2 of the FNCS.

How Did the Players React to the Ban?

The Players have publicly defended their actions and feel the punishment is unfair.

Bucke defended their decision to take battles against each other, as they had access to unlimited shields from the truck with a lot of chests in it.

A common sentiment echoed by the players has been that Epic Games did not investigate the issue and unilaterally handed them a sixty-day ban. The two-month ban rules them out of the FNCS Week 2.

Epic Games has not publicly released any statement regarding their decision.

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