Epic Games and Lachlan Announce Fortnite Fashion Show Season 2

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Epic Games and Australian YouTuber Lachlan have announced a partnership to host the second season of the popular Fortnite fashion show.

Lachlan hosted the first fashion show in January 2020 featuring duos teams. The contest rated players based on their back blings, pickaxes and emotes. Players having the best fashion coordination and synergy in their performances had a higher chance of moving on to the next round. The second season will feature trios instead of duos and the format of the competition remains similar to Season 2.

Lachlan announces his Fortnite Event

What Is The Format Of the Trios Fashion Show?

The Fortnite fashion show will have four rounds, including one fashion round and three performance rounds. The judges will rate players based on their performances in each round on a unique dashboard in front of them. If a team is not good enough to move on to the next round, Lachlan will blow them up with a grenade launcher. The eliminated players move to the viewing gallery and can watch the rest of the event in-game.

Round 1: Fashion Round
The first round is a primary fashion round where the judges (Lachlan and co.) will judge players based on their skins, back blings and pickaxes. First impressions last long and players will want to impress the judges with some innovative, in-sync skins.

Round 2: Performance Round

Lachlan’s Fortnite Fashion Show

The second round is a performance round and participants have to impress the judges with unique storylines and good coordination.

Round 3: Performance Round with Emotes

The third round allows players to use emotes in yet another performance round. If Season 1 is an example, Fortnite players can be very innovative with their use of emotes.

Round 4: Performance Round with Buildings

Very few teams will qualify for the final round. Lachlan’s official announcement video showed only two teams in the final round. Teams can build structures and use these buildings as a prop for their performance.

The entire tournament is still a fashion show and the judges will rate players based on their skins.

How To Enter The Trios Fashion Show?

  • To enter, you need to form the best looking trio in Fortnite.
  • Together with your team either:
          a. Option 1 – create a short (less than 30 second) video; or
          b. Option 2 – take a screen shot.
  • One or more team members must post your video or image to Twitter or YouTube.
  • With your post, you MUST use the #LachysFS hashtag, and if posting on Twitter, tag each of your team members and tag  @LachlanYT.
  • Make sure your post is visible to the public during the Trials Period.
  • Each team member must fill out this form.
  • If you are selected to qualify, you do not need to use the same outfit as your trials entry.  

When Will Lachlan’s Fortnite Fashion Show Take Place?

Lachlan’s Trios fashion show will take place from March 23-27, 2020. Entries are open to the public between 12:01 am 19 March 2020 (AEST) and 11:59 pm 22 March 2020.

How To Watch The Trios Fortnite Fashion Show?

Fortnite fans can watch the fashion show live on YouTube. Viewers can also earn the Slurp Legends pack if they watch the fashion show live. 

What Is The Prize Pool Distribution for the Fashion Show?

Here is the prize pool distribution for the trios Fashion show:

First Place: $9,000
Second Place :$4,500
Third Place: $2,100
Fourth Place: $750
Fifth Place: $675
Finals Teams: $600

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