FaZe Dubs Suspended After Using Racial Slur on Stream

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FaZe Clan has indefinitely suspended Daniel „Dubs“ Walsh after the player used the N-word on stream.

The 15-year-old FaZe Clan pro joined FaZe Clan in May 2019 and has represented the organization at several tournaments, including the Fortnite World Cup. Dubs used the racial word in a game, and a clip surfaced online as another player was streaming his game. Within a few hours, FaZe Clan announced that Dubs would face an indefinite suspension.

Why Did FaZe Clan Suspend Dubs?

Dubs casually dropped the N-word in one of these games. While the FaZe player was not streaming, another player in his group was streaming. The Internet always remembers and sure enough, someone clipped FaZe Dubs’ racial comment.

Within hours of the clip making the rounds, FaZe Clan announced they have indefinitely suspended the player.

The player will undergo sensitivity training effective immediately. The organization also announced similar measures for all FaZe Clan members (across games) to prevent any such situations in the future proactively.

Dubs Apologizes to Fans

Following his suspension, Dubs tweeted an apology to his fans and acknowledged that the word should not have been in his vocabulary.

FaZe Clan has had troubles with their Fortnite streamers. Last year, Epic Games banned Jarvis for using aimbot in a Fortnite game. H1ghsky1 was banned from the game, as he was just 11-years-old. A proactive sensitivity training is a positive step forward for FaZe Clan. FaZe has a very young Fortnite team and it is their responsibility to ensure that their players do not hurt the sentiments of others, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

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