Travis Scott Might Be Coming To Fortnite

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Travis Scott Fortnite

Data miner Lucas7Yoshi found strings of code mentioning Travis Scot. It could be a signal of things to come. Epic Games has featured collaborations with musicians before, most notably the Marshmellow concert in 2019. The game developer also featured several in-game cosmetics for Major Lazer.

Travis Scott is not new to Fortnite and regularly plays alongside Ninja, Tfue and NFL star Juju. Fortnite files featuring Travis Scott’s name might not mean an imminent release of a Travis Scott event or cosmetic item. Epic Games has featured in-game files for months before they go live.

Fortnite fans could see Travis Scott in Fortnite soon. However, past events have highlighted Epic Games willingness to assimilate pop-culture icons in the game. Chapter 2 Season 1 featured Star Wars events that saw director J.J. Abrams speak to the Fortnite community and give them a sneak peek into his movie.

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