Fortnite Season 2: It’s All About the Content

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The launch of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 is here, and there is tons of new content to enjoy. From cloning yourself to new POIs with NPCs to Bosses that drop mythical weapons, there is plenty to keep players busy. The massive drop of new features might be enough to help Fortnite continue to capture the attention of the internet. One of the biggest parts of Fortnite’s success has been the free advertising provided by content creators across the internet. Luckily, it already looks like these content creators are excited to play the game again. LazarBeam, the self-described biggest gaming content creator on YouTube, seemed extremely excited to get back to playing Fortnite after a break during Chapter 2 Season 1.

SEASON 2 MEMES (added cats)

Considering the extremely positive feedback from creators, it seems like Fortnite is ready to make a comeback. Although the game has likely held on to a large part of its player base, season 1 was lacklustre. It seems that this was likely a result of Epic Games making the quality of life improvements to the game instead of adding fun and creative content. For example, season 1 saw Fortnite switch to a new physics engine. This change likely required extensive work from the dev team. It does seem like these changes were made to provide a base for all the content now available in season 2. Although things are looking up for Fortnite fans, season 2 is just starting, and players will have to wait and see what this new start has to offer.

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