Category: Skins & Cosmetics

Fortnite Item Shop Leak Reveals Aquaman Villain
David Coulson

Each season in Fortnite, players can unlock a "secret skin," this season it is Aquaman, which will be first unlockable...

Captain America Leaks Surface, New Skin Coming This July 4th
Aashir Ahmed

Epic Games is attempting to liven things up in the second chapter of Fortnite, which has been rather barren in...

New Metal Team Leader Bundle Announced
David Coulson

With each update, a whole host of new cosmetics are added to the game to be released over the coming...

Update 12.30 Brings Cosmetics and Emotes Leaks
Aashir Ahmed

With the update 12.30, many data miners were able to retrieve unreleased cosmetic files to be made public in Fortnite...

New 'Dragon' Shotgun Leaked In Fortnite's Latest Patch
Aashir Ahmed

Despite being released only a week ago, new changes are being introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. With the...

Yellowjacket Is Season 3's Starter Pack Skin
David Coulson

Each season on Fortnite, in addition to the Battle Pass, a Starter Pack is released partway through the season. The...



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