Fortnite Blade

Fortnite Season 4 has introduced numerous Marvel skins such as Iron Man, Thor, and even the Silver Surfer. But now the appearance of a very shocking character has been teased by Marvel and Fortnite. Marvel took it to twitter to post many emojis bundled together along with the hashtag #FortniteNexusWar. In addition to the Fortnite Nexus Battle hashtag, Marvel tweeted various emojis – sunglasses, sun, vampire and swords. 

If that didn't make Blade's arrival to the game eminent, Fortnite also teased Blade's release, AKA Daywalker. With the latest update of 14.20, Epic Games sent a patch email to content creators. The message included a set of highlighted letters spelling the word 'day walker'. 

It is worth noting that the release of Blade has been hyped up by both Marvel and Fortnite, which signifies that Blade plays a significant role in the Galactus storyline. The Blade skin might appear as an in-game boss similar to Iron Man, Doctor Doom, and Wolverine with its unique abilities.

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Since Epic Games and Marvel have released only these teasers, not much can be said about Blade. Data miners have been unsuccessful in finding him in the file, which means either he is still encrypted in the file or Epic Games hasn't yet added him to the game and will do so with the upcoming update. 

Written by Aashir Ahmed




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