Fortnite Season 4

Patch 14.10 is live, and it’s the first update since the start of Season 4 was released, bringing new POIs, new Mythic items, LTMs, and a new fish for players to catch. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about the 14.10 update.

Stark Industries

Frenzy Farm is no more, which is the first time no farm has been on the Fortnite map since the beginning of 2017. Instead, it has been replaced by Stark Industries, a new Iron Man-themed POI. The POI is patrolled by Iron Man himself and includes a Chopper and a vault. Iron Man has Gauntlets and the Unibeam. The Gauntlets are a faster but weaker weapon, whereas the Unibeam is slow, but with higher damage, it also needs to be recharged. These Mythics act very similar to Doctor Doom’s Mythic weapons.


Galactus has made his presence known on the Fortnite island with the Gorgers, a powerful drone that unleashed devastating attacks. Defending it are smaller drones that deal small but frequent damage. These may be found around the map. Fo

Marvel Knockout LTM

A new Marvel LTM has been released called Marvel Knockout, it is currently available in Duo and Trio format, and the description reads:
“Battle alongside your team against foes in a 4 round knockout fight! Each round you and your team will be given a different set of powers to battle opponents with mirrored abilities! Respawn is ON for this mode.”

Customizable Superhero Skins

A new set of Superhero skins have been released, except these are customizable. Players can choose the outfit design, the outfit colors, the hairstyles, the skin colors and much more, giving millions of potential possibilities. There are a total of six skins to choose from, costing 1800 V-Bucks each. There is also a cape back bling and two pickaxes, which can be bought together for 1400 V-Bucks.

Midas Flopper

The Midas Flopper has now been added to the in-game files, but as of right now, it has a 0% spawn rate. It is likely it will be obtainable over the next few weeks.

Written by David Coulson




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