Fortnite Season 4

Patch v14.10 for Fortnite is available, with the essential addition being the replacement of Frenzy Farm with Stark Industries from Iron Man. Serving as the office of Tony Stark, the place joins the roster of several comic book locations that have been introduced over the last couple of weeks. 

What can you find at Stark Industries?

A new trailer was released by Epic Games celebrating this addition:

Since the chest spawn has decreased, Vaults have become an even more vital source for gathering loot and the Stark Industries POI too contains one of them. 

The vault can only be unlocked using a special keycard. To attain that keycard, players will have to defeat Tony Stark himself. Despite sounding easy, in practice, it can be pretty demanding. Iron Man has a lot of health, and to make matters worse, his Repulsors can quickly break through any cover. Players have to take him out while simultaneously fending off the Stark bots swarming the place. The contents of the vault make fighting for it extremely worthwhile.

Within, players can discover a range of loot to equip, including four special chests from Stark Industries. Players should be well prepared for late game action with the superhero's powers gained by defeating him. The new POI has taken over a majority of the map's right corner.

Written by Aashir Ahmed




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